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What our patients say

At Cater Galante Orthodontics , we feel fortunate to have shared in the excitement of so many of our patients as they see the difference orthodontic treatment can make. 

Read what some of our patients had to say about coming to us for treatment.

Your work is amazing!

Your work is amazing! Thank you for my new gift of straight teeth. Your office is friendly and helpful. This office is my first dental/orthodontic office that I wasn’t scared of. Everyone works so hard to make the patients feel comfortable…

Stephanie C., Patient

…in a heartbeat

I would get another set of braces in a heartbeat. I am going to miss the staff!

Cindy T., Patient

Kind and Friendly

Thank you for everything you have done for me. Everyone here at Cater Galante Orthodontics is so kind and friendly! I love it here! Thank you so much!

Nikki L, Patient

Couldn’t be happier!

Couldn’t be happier. Professional, courteous, forward thinking, EFFECTIVE! Just 8 weeks in to my treatment, things are moving, periodontal problems improving in a major way. Went for cleaning and heard, “Wow, your pockets have gone from 7’s to 3’s!” Yeah. I’m stoked! Way to go Dr. Galante! I appreciate you and your team so much!

Misty Y, Patient

Utter Delight…

As I come to the end (1 more visit to get my night-time retainer) of my Invisalign experience, I want to share my utter delight, but not with my wonderfully straight teeth, but rather with my corrected BITE. Herein lies the reason, the heart of why I came to Cater Galante Ortho in the first place: severe TMJ. Those who suffer with it will know what it is. And it was not just a “tired jaw” from nervous or overnight teeth gnashing accompanied by a little clicking, but rather a chronic disorder, which made normal food chewing next to impossible.

Doctors Cater & Galante both warned me that there were no guarantees that the Invisalign system would cure my TMJ disorder, but that my best shot for improvement would be to re-align my BITE. I was beyond my wits' end as my TMJ was surely the worst aspect of my life, so I took the financial plunge. I don’t think I’ve ever made a better decision!! I started my series of what ended up being 44 sets of Invisalign trays, but by the 5th set, my bite had changed enough to offer me complete relief when chewing! To my disbelief, my eating agony had been eradicated, and has remained so to this day. My friends and family will never have to hear another complaint, or watch me hold my hand up to my ear when eating!

The reason I’ve told my story here is to offer honest, persuasive encouragement to those suffering w/ TMJ to seriously consider Invisalign as an alternative. The idea of surgery or to have had my jaw broken and reset really frightened me.

Furthermore, the icing on all this cake is my beautiful newly-straightened teeth! And, if that wasn’t enough, the Cater Galante experience is so upbeat and positive that my success was indeed assured!

Mike S., Patient

Perfect Office

What a great office. The staff are warm and friendly. From my first phone call I felt listened to and respected. What a great experience. Strongly recommend.

Mary M., Patient

Efficient Staff

Very friendly and efficient staff. Good care for my two children. . . what more do you want?

Darren Penny, Patient

Very Patient

The staff were very patient and answered all the questions my child and myself had. The doctor explained the options we have and recommended what was best for the child.

Geetha S., Patient

Best Orthodontic Care

We feel that we are receiving the best orthodontic care that is available. The doctors and staff make sure that we understand each procedure that is taking place and the need for it. The reception room and procedure rooms are always clean and comfortable. We have and will continue to recommend Cater Galante to our family and friends.

Shannon Sullivan, Patient

We Love Them!

I chose Cater and Galante for myself and my daughters after meeting with several orthodontists in the area. We chose them for my youngest daughter because they offer Speed Braces. Speed Braces use a spring clip which applies a continuous force to move teeth unlike regular braces (with elastics) which lose elasticity over time. This means that the Speed Braces are always working for you and hence speed the process along. In addition, Speed Braces are smaller than regular braces making them more comfortable, less bulky looking and less prone to catch food.

My older daughter and I are wearing Invisalign. We love being able to take these out to eat, brush or for photographs. We love both the doctors (a husband and wife team) as well as their staff. Everyone is always helpful and friendly.

Janette Johnson, Patient

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